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Custom built
retro caravans

Affordable, reliable caravans that are both stylish and comfortable? You’re in the right place!
We’ve got all your alternatives to hotels or hostels – whether you need something temporary for an upcoming holiday or need a coffee van for your next venture. My Classic Caravan is ready with everything we know people love.

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Custom built retro caravans to suit all your travelling adventures.

Van Hire

Purpose built caravans for you to hire for your next holiday or food truck experience.


Custom building your food trucks, coffee vans or site offices.


with All our vintage Caravans can guarantee quality

You can be sure that every inch of your van is up-to date and well maintained with our pristinely renovated vehicles. We spend countless hours ensuring the quality finish you see on display today will last for years, not just the months of the holiday season!
We’ve replaced any old appliances (those were tired anyways) so now there’s no question about reliability or functionality – safety always comes first here at KokoVans, after all!


A Retro Caravan is your ticket to an improved lifestyle

A vintage caravan is more than just an old vehicle. It’s a piece of history, and you’ll be purchasing it from our collection that has seen its fair share on the road! We don’t want your purchase only for yourself – we also want to connect with others nearby through memories made in these talking points; create lasting connections during family get-togethers or gatherings with stories shared around campfires at night time.

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Commercial Food vans

High quality materials assembled with care

Kokovans has been servicing Australia as one of the leading custom mobile food manufacturers specialising in quality, durable and reliable commercial kitchen units built to last. With 30 years’ experience across many industries including hospitality we deliver an end-to-end solution that meets Australian standards for kitchens with superior customer service right from our start point all through installation process
Rigorous inspection before delivery means you can be confident your new ‘Kokovan’ will meet or exceed health regulations set by local councils regardless if under construction site conditions which are always changing due this ever evolving industry .